Thursday, 31 July 2014

New Pyrex

I have added a lot of new Pyrex to my collection again! I did an antiquing roadtrip with my husband last weekend and we got heaps, so here are some updated photos of some of my displays:

I rearranged so my cabinet tops would have just Cindy sets!

I got a new bright yellow Cosco cart to display my primaries on

This hutch holds a mish-mash of various pieces. I'm on the hunt for more Verde square flowers now!

I've created happy stacks of spare bowls/casseroles just to make it easier to store them, they are evrywhere

Friendship is growing! I even thrifted the right 443 yesterday but haven't had a chance to photograph since then

Got my Flameglo set to 3! My Woodland just needs 441 and the T & C 300 needs a 403

I've travelled 5000 miles on two road trips in 6 weeks and still haven't completed my Forest Fancies!!! These bowls should be easier to get than they are! But I'm confident the 404 and 441 will be found itw eventually.

I also have some new Horizon Blue and Snowflake blue garland pieces as well as a Balloons 444. But I didn't add any other turquoise or pinks to those displays.

I have almost all the bowls sets I want either started or completed... I think I'll move on to fridgies ;)


  1. Just so you'll know - I'm drooling! I love how you've stacked your set above your cabinets! I could really do some shopping in your kitchen.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. LOL Shelia and I'm jealous of your Kiki!