Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Holiday Haul

I just got back on Sunday from a 3500 mile road trip to Victoria Canada. There are an awful lot of antique malls and thrifts between here and there but I didn't stop at them all. I did still buy a lot of Pyrex and other vintage items during the trip.

Unpacking the haul!
I got this awesome Cosco cart in Washington State to display my black, white and yellows on:

I also bought the Embroidery Space Saver with cradle and lid and the promo yellow oval casserole with charcoal flowers both of which are on the top shelf to the left.

All the top shelf black snowflake on white casseroles were bought off a fellow collector along our route, here is her Etsy store:

And the black on white divided dish 'snack server' wasalso in the haul.

And the Royal Wheat divided dish  in the middle of the stack that is on the right at the bottom.

There was sooooo much fun Pyrex to see and buy, I'll share some more another time.


  1. The set up on the Cosco looks amazing!

    1. Thank you Sir Thrift-a-lot I adore the pastel yellow Cosco cart, it's my favorite display :) And I didn't even like the look of the yellow goodeberry set online... but once I saw it in person in a store I LOVED that pastel yellow.