Saturday, 22 March 2014

This weeks antique mall finds...

I went antiquing on Sunday with my darling hubby and got a couple of happy dishwasher loads full!

I only bought cheaper pieces; mostly $10 - $12. They also had to be pieces that added to my current partial sets or stacks.

I am collecting divided dishes because they stack well and look nice together, I was excited to get an extra lid, because I have several without lids:

I have some of both Autumn Harvest colors so I was happy to add some Cinderella bowls to the current stash:

My Town and Country casseroles look great together!

I had the pink daisy divided dish so getting the large casserole was very exciting, it was $20

The black snowflake divided dish is my favorite from this haul it was $20:

And I got my first ever 232 lasagne style dish, it was $24 the most I've paid for a piece but it matches another dish I had and is a very useful size.

It is actually in use already!

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