Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pyrex hunting can truly be an adventure!

I got this gem today:

A big Cinderella bowl in the Early American print, to go with the small fridgies and oven dishes I have in the EA print. But this find was certainly an adventure. Hubby and I popped into a Salvation Army store I had never been to and after finding this on the shelves I asked hubby to hold it whilst I went to the restroom before going to the checkout. So I go into the toilet stall lock the door and once I am finished I find the stall door lock is jammed!!!! I was locked in there! So after trying for a minute or two to force the lock/door, I decided my only options were to crawl out under the door


 or climb out over the top

I  couldn't bear the thought of laying down on the restroom floor with all those toilet germs and shimmying under the door so I opted to climb out over the top and a lovely man who weirdly enough was inside the women's restrooms (must've thought it was the men's cause he didn't seem creepy) heard me banging on the door was ready to catch me if I fell! I had to climb onto the cistern in my stall, then onto the dividing wall, then drop down onto the cistern into the neighboring stall. And did I mention I woke up this morning with a bad back!!!

So after all that I return to hubby who was waiting out in the corridor and we head for the checkouts. I told the staff member about the broken door lock and how I had to climb out of the stall and she said "Oh so that is why we keep finding that door locked!" So obviously previous people who have gotten stuck in there haven't bothered to tell them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any way she decided to give me a discount on my Pyrex because in her words "nobody should have to climb out of a toilet stall!" So my $3.24 Pyrex got marked down so that after tax it cost me $1.07 Yippee!

So that was by far the most adventurous Pyrex hunt yet and also by far the cheapest piece of Pyrex I have ever purchased LOL


  1. Farrrrr out! That just gave me the biggest laugh!! Geez you're a funny bugger. Glad you escaped the loo unscathed!

  2. that was alternately hilarious and horrifying! ACK germs disease infection trapped
    Let that be a lesson to you missy (laughing). Never go in a Salvation Army restroom again! Like my poodle when I's raining... I'll hold it!
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. Lol I think your poodle is very smart and I will stick with his or her philosophy and hold on in future!!!!!

  3. What a story! I think they should've given you a better discount after all of that. :-)