Saturday, 29 March 2014

Marathon re-organization

My kitchen table is usable again!
Yesterday morning it looked like this but I spent a couple of hours rearranging to finds spots for it all. 

I live in an apartment so it is challenging to find places for all of my 123 pieces of Pyrex. But here it is:

The narrow billy bookcase holds 17 pieces
 I made this Frankenset with some oddball pieces that I didn't have room for:

It hides three pieces on the bottom shelf inside my Butterfly Gold 2 large Cinderella bowl! So that way I have a spot for them even if they aren't on display.

These next two pics show more oddball pieces that sit on the shelf  at the top of the dividing wall between my kitchen/dining and lounge:

This Ikea shelf in my living room holds many of my favorite pieces:

Yes that's an OO lid on an AE 043 just so I can stack them LOL

The reds are on my entry shelves to brighten up a drab area:

And some more of my favorites get pride of place on top of my kitchen cabinets:

These ones get used frequently so they are in the baking cupboard:

There are other 'ugly' pieces hiding inside some of the pieces to help them stack nicely, I often buy Forest Fancies pieces just for the lids, so I have several small casseroles of those that I don't love they are great for putting inside the mixing bowls to raise them for stack displays.

So I found a spot for it all, but.... I am thrift shopping again today

It is a vicious cycle LOL

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