Monday, 3 March 2014

Lots of new stuff!

After a day spent thrifting Friday and a visit to my favorite antique mall Sunday I have some wonderful new pieces:

A whole cart load from 1 Arc store!
 This is what was in that cart:

I got those 3 primary colored bowls in that Friday cartload, so of course on Sunday I couldn't resist the set of matching refridgerator dishes when I saw them 25% off at an antique mall! Aren't they so bright and colorful :)

I don't usually buy Fire King but these were irresistible and there were 8 for my eight seat table!
 I finally have enough colorful Tupperware and Pyrex to properly brighten up my kitchen:

Today I wrote my first post as a contributor to the Pyrex Collective, check it out if you dare:

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