Saturday, 22 February 2014

New this week...

I spent some time this week thrift shopping and here are my latest finds:

This will go beautifully with my plain white Pyrex!

This one needs the sticky residue from tape removed and it needs a polish to get the shine back too!

I LOVE vintage Tupperware too so this was a great find!

These cannisters are my favorite find of the week and look fantastic on my kitchen bench, I also got this great ice crusher, my mum had one similar that was red.

This retro Tupperware sits on top of my fridge to brighten up a dull corner

I almost missed these two bowls in separate thrift stores because they weren't in the bake ware aisle, lucky I was vigilant!

The white one on top I got last week but I thought this bottom one would go well with it on display and it does, I have quite a bit of white now.

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